Winter Tires

Snow Tire Advantages
  • Better grip.When roads are covered in snow or ice, snow tires are indisputably superior to all season tires. Snow tires are specifically built for maximum grip in snowy and icy conditions. Softer and grippier rubber, very deep treads and sometimes hard studs combine to give snow tires the most traction possible. If you live in an area where winters are harsh, snow tires are a must; all season tires simply won't cut it
  • Superior braking. When conditions are poor, braking can be vital. All season tires are liable to lock up and skid on icy roads, but with the superior grip explained above, snow tires can dig into the snow and ice to allow you to break the way you need to

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Snow Tire Disadvantages
  • Poorer handling.Snow tires offer less precise handling than all season tires due to the way they are built. In bad conditions, drive even more carefully than usual since your control over your vehicle will be less than you might be used to in better weather. Snow tires can't fully compensate for the effects of icy roads, and you shouldn't expect them to
  • Tough on roads.The design which gives snow tires such fantastic grip on ice and snow, especially when they have studs, also causes them to dig harshly into asphalt. Keeping snow tires on your vehicle year round will tear up any road that you drive on and cause it to deteriorate faster. Over time, too many people with snow tires can create potholes and all sorts of other issues
  • Comparatively fragile. Since snow tires are constructed from softer rubber than regular tires, they wear down more quickly. Driving with snow tires when the conditions don't warrant them can wear down the tread and ruin the tire. In comparison, all season tires are sturdier and meant for constant use
When to Use Snow Tires

Winter tires are best used when temperatures are below 6° C. When the forecast calls for continual low temperatures, call for an appointment to swap your tires.

Tire Storage Services

We provide on-site tire storage services for a small seasonal fee. When you purchase your winters tires at Eastside we will store your all season tires no-charge for the first season. Another great reason to purchase your tires at Eastside Chevrolet.

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